The Missing Piece: Why Marketing Rules are Not Working

I’m currently working with a client on her marketing strategy – which is fun! And it made me realise something more clearly: When I help her understand what marketing is for her work, the nitty gritty rules are different than they are for me.

The content that would inform her potential clients will be different than mine. The rules on what best to include and what to leave out are different. Why?

Because her clients are different from mine, and they are in a different phase of their personal journey.

As service providers, we all help people with a particular stretch of their journey (and there isn’t just one journey, there are many!). When we are really dialed in to our work, our essence and our strength, then we also zoom in on a very specific problem that we help our clients with.

And those problems come with specific needs.

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Do You Feel Bad About your HSP Coaching Rates?

When you are self-employed, you need to make a healthy income doing what you do. Otherwise, your work is not sustainable and won’t last.

Many of your clients will understand this perfectly and not resent you for it. Yet, there will always be people who think that you “owe” them and who will contact you to let you know that what you are charging is wrong.

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There is Nothing Wrong With Wanting a Business as a Hobby

I think nowadays with all kinds of internet hypes and the ability to work from home, a lot of people feel a kind of hyped, fake pressure to turn their precious and healthy hobby into something more.


Suddenly, it’s not good enough to work on a project just for fun, as a creative outlet, or as an escape.

Suddenly it’s not good enough to be a parent full-time because since you are at home, you might as well work from home too, right?

Yet, here is one essential thing to consider about turning something fun into something lucrative:

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Energy Congruency is the Key to a Thriving Business

Energy congruency means that if you say you are all about something and that you help people with this thing, you make sure you are that person in your personal life too. And if you’re not, you do something about it.


This means you need to be serious about what you choose to promote yourself as.

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6 Reasons not to Become Self-Employed as an HSP

There are a great many reasons to become self-employed and also a great many reasons not to. There are already many articles out there promoting the ideal of self-employment. I want to add some reality checks too to make sure being self-employed doesn’t start to sound like magic faery land.

Don’t do it if…

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Why Being Sensitive to Energy can make it Scary to Run an Online Business

Full disclosure: I’m an empath. That means I am ridiculously aware of the emotions and thoughts of people I interact with – whether up close or at a distance.

It is no longer a source of overwhelm like it used to be, because I am now trained at handling this (and I train other empaths how to handle this too). Nevertheless, when someone gets nasty, it’s still a big blow and I need my tools to not just “rationally” deal with the situation, but also deal with the energy bombs that some people like throwing around.


If you’re sensitive to energy, you’ll recognise this, although you may not be able to put your finger on it exactly.

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Don’t Worry about how to Make it Big

This is why the best productivity tools are the ones that force you to split up big goals into tiny doable steps.

Doable means that it’s clear what you need to do and it’s possible to do it.


Don’t Worry about how to Make it Big

Here are 2 ways to make sure your tasks are doable:

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3 Crucial Biz Apps for Self-Employed Highly Sensitive People

When you work (partly) online, there are lots of available tools that are both cost-efficient and effective.

Perhaps more importantly for us HSPs though, they also shouldn’t be overwhelming, right? No bright blinking buttons and thousands of options, dynamic content that moves around and confusing interfaces. Our brains have plenty of stuff going on, the last thing we need is cluttered tools that add to the noise!

So in this list I’m including some of my tried-and-true favorite tools, with a few notes on why I like them so much.

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3 Big Reasons to Choose a Focus (niche) even if you really don’t want to


Helping everyone sounds great, right?

And I’m pretty sure that that special thing you do would help lots of different people.

How could you possibly choose a niche and narrow down?




So here are three big reasons to niche:

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Why You Can’t Keep Over-giving to Your Clients

There are people out there who need you.

Not all of them have money.

Not all of them have time.

Not all of them are motivated.

Not all of them understand what it takes to get results.

If you’re on a secret mission to save the world, you’ll feel that especially the people with no money, no time, no motivation and no perspective NEED your help.

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