3 Crucial Biz Apps for Self-Employed Highly Sensitive People

When you work (partly) online, there are lots of available tools that are both cost-efficient and effective.

Perhaps more importantly for us HSPs though, they also shouldn’t be overwhelming, right? No bright blinking buttons and thousands of options, dynamic content that moves around and confusing interfaces. Our brains have plenty of stuff going on, the last thing we need is cluttered tools that add to the noise!

So in this list I’m including some of my tried-and-true favorite tools, with a few notes on why I like them so much.

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3 Big Reasons to Choose a Focus (niche) even if you really don’t want to


Helping everyone sounds great, right?

And I’m pretty sure that that special thing you do would help lots of different people.

How could you possibly choose a niche and narrow down?




So here are three big reasons to niche:

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Why You Can’t Keep Over-giving to Your Clients

There are people out there who need you.

Not all of them have money.

Not all of them have time.

Not all of them are motivated.

Not all of them understand what it takes to get results.

If you’re on a secret mission to save the world, you’ll feel that especially the people with no money, no time, no motivation and no perspective NEED your help.

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3 Overlooked Ways to Invest in your Business

As a business owner, you need to invest in training and resources that allow you to have not just a service or product, but also the marketing and support and know-how around that to make money with what you do.

However, there are other important ways to invest in your work that are generally overlooked:

  • relaxing
  • physical movement
  • creative practices

Why are these important?

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The HSP Headless Chicken Biz Model: How common biz advice can unnecessarily drive you crazy

When you look at the standard biz advice out there, it usually consists of some logical-sounding yet overwhelm-feeding premises:

  • You need a detailed business plan before you start.
  • You need to dominate social media
  • Network, network, network
  • Expect to work 80 hours weeks – especially when starting out.

Let’s take these scare tactics apart shall we?

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3 Ways to make Free Offers Work in your Sensitive Business

Of course, most of the time, it can’t.

If you’re of the “let’s save the world, and let’s do it now” persuasion, you might be more than ready to ditch long-term sustainability. You just want to invest in the wellness of the world!

For sure, we need people who are willing to do things for free. Yet, we also need those people to be willing to be paid. For, if all the real do-gooders are hoping to offer their services on love and light alone, then their love and light will fizzle out before their work reaches its greatest potential (or the end of the street).

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